Mark Made a Short Film, and Other Assorted Insanities

So I wrote and executive produced a short film called Breathe this past spring. It is now making the festival rounds. It’s gotten into two and has been rejected by 12,274. In other words, I’m getting to know a lot about what it goes into making a film of any length, and it is not an easy task. But going from “page to stage” is an immensely gratifying process. I hope to do it again. In fact, I’m going to try and write a feature-length version of it in the next few months. More to come - stay tuned! Can you tell that I’m very uncomfortable writing about myself?? Not my favorite thing - tooting my own horn is something that I hate - but it’s all part of the game. Anyway, on to a film that I didn’t make - one that is really good.

Calibre is a Scottish import that has been streaming on Netflix for a few months. Really interesting to me how all these films pop up on Netflix - we’ve never really heard of them - they get top billing on the home page for a day or two, and then another comes along and that other film gets kinda lost. I’m wondering how many other really good films are out there that I just passed on or flat out missed by not visiting the Netflix page on the right day. Anyway, I love the riches of new films that Netflix plays. Too much to watch is a great thing. But I fear some really good movies don’t get eyes on them because there is a lot to choose from. Regardless, Calibre is a thriller that anyone who likes fast-paced, fish out of water films must check out. Think Scottish Highlands Deliverance. Two city guys go hunting before one of them gets hitched. Truth be told, only one of them wants to go hunting, the other just wants to have a few drinks and contemplate his life change. Anyway, they find a quaint, quiet country village, have a few pints at a local bar, get up the next morning - a touch hungover, and go hunting. And then the fun starts.

Well-acted and extremely well directed, this one is worth searching out. Oh, and Breathe is also well worth finding - a new trailer coming to your internets very soon. Thanks y’all. - Mark