Up Close and Personal with Cinemondo Industries

We get a voluminous amount of emails, and regular mail, into our central Cinemondo communications hub located in Pueblo, Colorado asking us one simple question - who is the person behind that sultry, sexy voice who calls himself “Mark”. Okay, we don’t get that question. And okay, we don’t get a voluminous amount of emails and OKAY, we don’t have a central communications hub in Pueblo Colorado. Lastly, nobody has asked the simple question about who is behind that sultry, sexy voice who calls himself “Mark”.

But seriously folks, I did want to just chat a bit more about the folks that love producing this little podcast. Three friends who met at a work lunch many years ago discussing their affection for Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2, still talk about movies many years later. That’s pretty cool. For a few hours on many weekends, we chat about movies. Believe me, at first, we were all a little nervous about blabbing our thoughts into a microphone. The first few episodes probably show that. Maybe they don’t — I’ll have to go back and listen to them and find out for myself. But over the course of the last year and fifty podcasts later (50!!), I want to think we’ve gotten better and more professional. What you get on the podcast is very rarely edited - we say it, you hear it.

I won’t speak for Kathy or Burk, but for me, this experience, so far, has been a helluva lot of fun. Over the next year, we plan on bringing more guests - making more videos (check out our Patreon page and become a patron) and maybe making some little Cinemondo movies!!

Speaking for Kathy and Burk, we are so appreciative of the support of the listeners and we promise we will continue to bring fun to you over the next year and beyond. Cinemondo signing off!!!

-Mark Az