The Tour Hit a Snag

by Mark Az.

As you will find out, I’m not on the latest Cinemondo podcast. I have a side gig as a keyboard guitarist (I don’t go anywhere without my Casio DG1) for my punk band, REAR ATHIEST. We did a mini-west coast tour - Chula Vista, Downey, Barstow, Chino, Redding, Klamath Falls and Walla Walla. Everything was going great until we signed on to do an extra gig in rural Oregon. This place was in the middle of nowhere. We drove down dirt roads and came to a small compound just packed with skinheads and other rural white guys.

I thought the whole thing was odd when they wanted us to play a Saturday morning show, right after the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour finished. I had no idea that thing was still on the air, but evidently they just have a VHS tape and play the same episode over and over again. it’s the one where Wile E Coyote is Sam and the dog that guards the sheep is Ralph and, well, never mind. They all laughed like they never saw it before. It IS funny. Anyway, they didn’t like our opening tune, a cover of LET’S ALL CHANT, by the Michael Zager Band, but they did get into the rest of our set - punk version of the entire eponymous MOLLY HATCHET album.

After the gig, something went down in the green room and it got ugly. But i can’t talk about that because of an ongoing investigation. But I’m back and ready to blab on mic about upcoming shows and movies. Do listen!
-Mark A

ps - I was really on vacation back east and my short film, BREATHE, won a best short film award at the inaugural Block Island FF. A really beautiful place filled with really nice people. It was a blast!!