Is It Worth $17.50?

by MarkAz


It’s pretty obvious why Marvel and other special effects extravaganza’s do well at the box office. One reason is that most Marvel films are really good - some even great. They’re exciting, funny and well shot. There’s a reason why Disney spent millions on a Lion King remake. It’s the same damned story, only with awesome CGI effects. It’s on a million big screens around the country. The days of the smaller budget non-effects movie on the big screen is slowly going away.
Yes, you can still find these movies in theaters, but their stay there is mighty short. And before you know it, they’re streaming for your 65” at home. And that don’t cost you $17.50. That is the average ticket price for an adult movie ticket here in the Greater Los Angeles area. I’m sure it’s a bit cheaper in other parts of the country and the world. But here, it cost that. And that’s too much, imho. Unless, you get to see the Scarlet Witch zipping around causing damage. Then you feel you getting your money’s worth. But why pay that for a family drama or a goofball comedy? So not worth it.

I don’t pretend to predict what Hollywood will do, but this seems to be what the big studios will do from now on. Concentrate on only the tentpole movies that might make some money. I saw US on opening night. Spent my $17.50, sat right in front of a woman who had the croup and didn’t mind letting everyone in the theater know it. Thus, I moved from my assigned seat to a seat in the front row. Yay for me. Maybe that helped hamper the film for me, because it didn’t thrill or scare me in the least. In fact, it sort of pissed me off. I walked home going - I spent $17.50 for that? Now, I was going in with super high expectations - I wanted to see what the heir apparent to Hitchcock had in store for me. And sadly, I was super disappointed. I really loved GET OUT, but this totally flamed out 40 minutes it. You could sense the air being let out of the theater as the film progressed. Everyone there wanted to love that movie - that’s what opening night audiences do. They want to love the movie. And when it misses the mark, boy can you sense it!!

I think in the future, I’ll save my $17.50 for the huge budget flick with all the eye candy. But then again, that’s not really my favorite kind of movie anyway. What Hollywood is doing to me is almost forcing me to stay home and watch stuff there. And at $12.00 a month, I’m okay with that.