Cinemondo Podcast Available on iTunes!

It's official!

Cinemondo Podcast is now available to download on iTunes! 

This is a big moment for us and we're really excited.  We would love to get your support so please subscribe and leave a review! But mostly we really want to entertain and inform you about some of the weirdest movies out there. You know who you are. People who appreciate horror, sci fi, obscure and forgotten films that need their time in the sun. 

So jump over to iTunes and have at it! What're you waiting for!?



Cinemondo Podcast Coming Soon!


We watch a lot of movies. And we love the fringes. Those outlying areas of filmed entertainment beyond the mainstream and out there way past the awards ceremonies.

Some of our favorites never broke attendance records or won awards. We’re going to talk about horror movies and oddities that don’t get the attention we believe they should. We’ll talk about strange films, overlooked films and things we think you need to know about from sci-fi to scares. Old, new, mainstream and underground. Anything that catches our eye. Come spend some time with us ((and Darwin, the pitbull) and see if we’re leading you to interesting things. It’s a big, crazy world, and we’re CINEMONDO.