The Many Faces of Triangle

During our podcast Episode 57 Be Careful With That Ax we discuss the many different posters and keyart that has surfaced for this film and how effective they are. Here is a sampling of posters that show different marketing angles and target audiences.

Triangle would be a challenging film to market. It uses classic horror tropes, riffing on shasher, hauntings and shipwrecks but is never that simple nor especially accurate to put it in any of those camps. To tell the potential audience more you risk giving away the many twists and surprisesthe film has in store.

The posters range from B movie slasher to classy cruise ship haunting yet none really capture the true essence of this special film. The challenge is to stand out from the pack of other horror films but not alienate that audience either.

Which poster do you think is the most effective at selling this film?


Triangle 2009 movie posters