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Your hosts, Burk, Kathy and Mark.  Painting by Chad Robertson. Photography by Grove Pashley.

Your hosts, Burk, Kathy and Mark. Painting by Chad Robertson. Photography by Grove Pashley.

Cinemondo Podcast is three lifelong movie fiends (and a pitbull) who have always been on the edges of the mainstream. We like it out there where there’s no obsessive talk about opening weekends or awards or any of that blinding media about breaking box office records - as though that has anything to do with how good a movie is.

We’re going to talk about the good stuff... and maybe some bad stuff.  We’re going to keep watching and discussing it just like we always have, but now you can be here with us. Maybe we’ll help guide you through the overwhelming hurricane of entertainment options out there. Maybe we’ll point you toward an island of good stuff you never knew existed.

 It’s a big, crazy world, and we’re CINEMONDO PODCAST.

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Kathy has been a shameless fan of horror movies from a very early age. Maybe a bit too early for most kids, she was introduced to Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in various Hammer films, along with the Italian Westerns and late night TV scares she grew up loving. She claims Barnabas Collins as one of her first crushes. These films and TV shows didn’t give her nightmares or scar her for life; they introduced her to a world of movies that she’s never grown out of. These films that would have sent most youngsters fleeing in tears made Kathy a lifelong fan. She always preferred the vampires to the princesses and has described even the most terrifying films as her “comfort food.” Her appetite for genre films is voracious and she tends to root for the monsters and baddies. Always willing to discuss what makes the good ones good and the bad ones bad or the bad ones good, she co-published a beloved movie magazine back in the punk rock days called Cinemondo, and now the name lives on in her podcast.  Favorite Genre: Slasher

Mark grew up near a drive-in; so the first twenty or so movies in his life were on a huge screen, sitting in a Pontiac Catalina and listening through weird metal speakers that hung over the car window, thus causing scratches and irking his dad. When he saw Star Wars in a legitimate theater, his movie-going life changed. Since then, Mark watches as many movies as he can. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of film and television, and an appreciation for the finer examples of pop culture that makes him a valuable resource as the ultimate “recommender.” He is the king of alerting you to films that deserve a look despite not getting the press or the distribution they deserve. We suspect he’s got a secret super power that makes him like a radar for “the good stuff." Mark has been friends with Kathy and Burk for decades and the three of them have always shared their love of movies with each other, and now via the futuristic wonder of podcasting. Favorite Genre: Psychological

Burk has been a sci-fi and comic book nerd since the moment he saw the cover of a Spider-Man comic while still basically a baby. Something about the Steve Ditko artwork depicting a ray-beam firing, green robot that fired up his imagination and opened up doorways into weird, alien worlds. And a late-night viewing of JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS and FIRST MEN IN THE MOON, made him determined to understand how something called “special effects” could create such impossible creatures. And later, after watching films like 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY and THE EXORCIST over and over, he finally figured out that ideas and stories were what made certain movies so timeless and meaningful. And that the magic is often in the details. He and Kathy co-published Cinemondo magazine back in the days before internets and websites, and now the “Digitally Remastered” version of Cinemondo he hopes to connect with folks and discuss all the details. Favorite Genre: Sci-fi

Cinemondo was originally a print magazine back in the dark ages before the internet. It was printed on real paper and distributed in the real word, and generated a devoted core of fans who were interested in unusual and less publicized films. Our approach wasn’t so much scholarly, but an expression of our genuine love of movies. We covered “post credit endings” back before they were standard, and we wrote articles that didn’t just review films, but the local movie theaters, too. We interviewed folks like Clive Barker and Whitley Streiber who sort of freaked us out a little with his stories about alien abductions. We tried our best to be the friend you wanted to sit around with and chat about your favorite movies. The friend who always has the good recommendations and points you in the right direction when you’re digging around for something to watch. The Cinemondo Podcast is a continuation of that idea... three movie fans talking about movies.

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